Things to Consider When Visiting an Animal Hospital

You take your pet to your veterinarian to keep him or her healthy. You need to make sure that your keep your furry family member safe while traveling and during your visit. Follow a few simple tips to make the trip to an animal hospital easier for you and your pet.

Regular Veterinarian Visits

Begin your trip the right way with your pet secure on the trip to your veterinarian’s office. Cats should always be in a carrier. While cardboard carriers are fine for kittens or temporary transport, this type may not be secure enough for a full-grown cat. A loose pet can become injured in a sudden stop or interfere with your driving.

If your dog is used to car travel, he or she can ride without restraint. However, unless you have someone to assist you, a cage is recommended. Cats and dogs can often become startled by noises and run away when you open the door. Place one of your pet’s favorite toys or a blanket in the cage or next to them for extra comfort.

Unless you go to a specialist, the office you visit will likely be seeing several other pets at the same time. Pets that are transported in a carrier should be left in it until you are in a secure exam room. Dogs should be kept on a leash in the waiting area. Unless you know that other pets in the area are healthy, keep your furry friend away from them for safety.

If you are going in for a pet grooming appointment, have a clean towel ready to line the cage or vehicle seat when you leave. This will keep your pet cleaner after your visit.

Emergency Animal Hospital Trips

If you are making an emergency trip to a pet hospital, you may not have the usual preparation time. You still need to keep your pet secure and as comfortable as possible. Keep in mind that an injured animal may lash out in pain, so do warn anyone assisting you. If you do not have a comfortable carrier readily available, use a blanket or large, soft towel to cushion your pet.

Remember that you know your pet best, but under unusual situations you furry friend can become startled. Calming vests are available for both dogs and cats if your pet is especially anxious going to an animal hospital. If you have concerns about getting safely to our office, talk to us. We can offer you ideas or medications if necessary.

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