July 4th is almost here – Don’t forget to book your pet’s boarding!

The holidays are getting closer, and our grooming and boarding spaces are filling up fast!

For those pets that are traveling with you, our USDA certified doctors can also provide domestic and international health certificates.

If traveling with your pet is not an option, let them have a staycation with us. Whether it’s one night, one week, or more, your dog will enjoy our clean and comfortable facilities. We provide supervised and loving care around the clock. While you are away we will closely monitor your pet, ensuring his or her comfort and health. We have a veterinarian on premises 24 hours a day for boarding supervision, and can accommodate special medical boarding requests.

Rain, sunshine, sleet or snow, our kennel attendants walk each dog individually 3 – 5 times per day, just like you would at home. Our expert groomer, Gracia, is also available to give your pets the spa treatment with a full grooming before they go home. Call us today to book your space.

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This is no Trick! Treat your pet to a Dentistry for 10% off all month!

October is Pet Dental Health Month!

Receive 10% off your pet’s Dental Health Care in October.

Dental care is more than just a cure for bad breath. Just like people, pets need preventative dental health care to avoid painful problems later in life.

Here are some things to think about while you’re brushing your teeth:

  • More 8 out of 10 dogs, and 7 out of 10 cats show signs of poor dental health by the age of three.
  • Dental problems in pets

Update on Iams Recall — Many products back in stock!!

Low Residue is back in stock!

Low Residue is back! Effective immediately, we are now re-stocking a limited supply of foods that had been affected by the Iams and Eukanuba Voluntary Food Recall.

Proctor and Gamble have made us aware of the many changes that they have made to improve safety and compliance, to make sure that your pet is getting the most nutritious, healthy, and complete diet available. P&G have invested over 20 million dollars in processes, equipment and people at their manufacturing facilities to upgrade their manufacturing facilities. To date, there has not been a single case of salmonella-related illnesses in pets or people linked to the recalled food.

We appreciate the patience you’ve shown during this food recall, and are pleased to announce that we have many of the foods back in stock, and should be receiving more soon. University Animal Hospital and Proctor and Gamble are committed to only providing you and your pet with the best quality foods to ensure that your pet gets the highest quality nutrition, and we are confident that the re-released foods comply and exceed all food safety standards. Please feel free to call with any questions.

University Animal Hospital

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FDA Issues Consumer Alert on Online Pharmacies

FDA Issues Consumer Alert on Online Pharmacies

When it comes to purchasing veterinary drugs online, buyers should beware, says a top official from the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine.

In fact, in a consumer alert issued today, Dr. Martine Hartogensis, director of FDA’s Office of Surveillance and Compliance, says that while some websites selling veterinary drugs represent legitimate businesses, others do not.

In fact, FDA regulators have documented unscrupulous practices relating to the sale of unapproved and counterfeit pet drugs, dispensing of Rx drugs without a prescription and sale of expired drugs. Some sites make fraudulent claims about a drug

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