Stay Safe When Dressing Your Pet For the Holidays

Many pet parents love dressing up their pets during the holidays. Pet stores are filled with pet outfits for Thanksgiving and Christmas; however, some pet outfits may pose a danger to your pets. Furthermore, some pets may be allergic to certain materials in the fabric. To help make sure your pet avoids a trip to the animal hospital, follow these bits of advice when dressing your pet for the holidays.

Strings on Pet Clothes Lead to the Animal Hospital.

Strings can attract all sorts of trouble. People may step on them and cause injury to your pet. Strings may become frayed, and broken strings can pose a choking hazard for your pet. Avoid pet clothing that contains loose, fringed, or frayed strings. This will help keep your pets from becoming a tangled mess while wearing their holiday-best.

Inspect Clothing Prior to Wearing It.

Regardless of the age of your pet’s clothing, always inspect pet clothing prior to placing it on your pet. Clothing may become damaged over time, and articles of pet clothing can be a breeding ground for fleas, other inspects, and skin infections. If an item has a foul odor, make sure to wash the item before placing it on your pet. Also, beware of skin irritations from areas when clothing rubs the skin.

If Pets Chew on Clothes, Take It Off.

Pets do not wear clothes in nature, so avoid forcing your pet to wear clothing. If your pet begins to chew on the article, remove it immediately. You do want a loose button or bead to end up at the end of an endoscopy tube at the animal hospital. Some bitter sprays are available over the counter to help deter pets from chewing on your clothing and belongings as well.

Watch For Signs of Heat Exhaustion.

While indoors, you can lose track of your pet’s whereabouts and condition, especially during busy times during the holiday season. If your pet appears to be panting excessively or avoiding people, remove any clothing. These behaviors could be a sign of heat exhaustion. If your pet appears excessively lethargic, contact your veterinarian immediately.

 Your pet may love wearing their holiday-themed outfits, but you need to take a few extra steps to make sure pet clothing stays safe and comfortable. By following these tips, you can reduce the stress on your pet from holiday-themed, pet clothing. To learn more about proper pet health, contact us at the pet hospital today.

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