Signs You Need to Take Your Dog or Cat to a Pet Dentist

Signs You Need to Take Your Dog or Cat to a Pet Dentist

There are several signs that your pet is experiencing mouth pain. The pain can be anything from a little sore on their gums to oral cancer. That’s why when your pet displays signs of mouth pain you should take them to the pet dentist, veterinarian or animal hospital  if the other two have closed for the day. You don’t want your pet to suffer, nor do you want the cause of the pain to get worse. They may simply have a piece of food stuck between their teeth something an animal teeth cleaning could take care of .

Most Common Sign of Mouth Pain in Pets Bad Breath

It is not normal for your pet’s breath to smell bad. You smell your pet’s breath every day, if it smells bad, odd or just not like their breath. Then your pet may be experiencing a dental problem.

  • Not Eating Right

If your pet is ignoring most of their food, sitting next to the bowl of food and not eating it, only chewing on one side of their mouth, swallowing their food whole, prefer soft food, not eating their favorite crunchy treats, or dropping the food while trying to eat it – mouth pain is the culprit.

  • Does Not Want the Area Around There Mouth Petted or Touched

If your pet enjoys having the sides of their face petted and suddenly no longer wants you to touch that area, it may be because their mouth hurts.

  • Extreme Drooling

If your Pet is salivating more than normal or if there is blood in their saliva that is a sure sign they are experiencing mouth pain, and possibly even an infection.

  • Pawing at or Shaking their Head Back and Forth

If your pet is trying to paw at their mouth or is shaking their head back and forth a lot, that is a good indicator they have mouth pain.

Change in Behavior

If your pet usually meets you at the door after work and you come home to find them sprawled out on the floor just looking at you that is a good indicator something is not right. If your pet has suddenly become aggressive for no reason, if they have withdrawn from you and would rather lay on your bed alone instead of on or near your lap, refuses affection, decreases the amount of dog grooming or cat grooming, don’t want to play or a decrease in how much or what they want to play, (with dogs if fetch is a no go at play time it is because their mouth hurts, with cats they tend to grind their teeth, and is experiencing a disturbance in their normal sleep pattern. These are all normal signs of mouth/oral pain. You can try pet grooming this may help them relax a little.

If your pet will let you try to lift up their lip in the back, if you can see a chipped or cracked tooth, red and swollen gums, or a yellowish build up on their teeth that you know doesn’t look right, ten your pet is definitely having mouth pain. Call your pet dentist and explain your pet’s behavior and what you saw if their mouth (if anything) and make an appointment at the pet hospital for as soon as possible.

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