Feline Veterinarian Services

From those lively days of kittenhood to the mellow years of old age, University Animal Hospital is your partner in keeping your cat a healthy and happy member of your family. Our superior veterinary staff and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to diagnose and treat your cat best at all life stages. Find out why University Animal Hospital is the premier cat hospital on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.


Kitten Care

Kitten Care. Keep those adorable antics going with a healthy and protected kitten. During those first important months while you and your kitten bond, it is critical that your kitten receive a series of vaccines and be treated for any intestinal parasites. Use these visits as an opportunity to ask us anything you need to know about your kitten and his or her behavior. Schedule your spay or neuter appointment early.


Behavioral Medicine and Nutrition Counseling

Behavioral Medicine and Nutrition Counseling.  Few things are more damaging to your relationship with your cat than behavioral issues. The team at University Animal Hospital is devoted to your cat’s well-being and to your family’s; that’s why we believe that managing inappropriate behaviors is as important as your cat’s medical health. Call for an appointment to discuss your concerns. Nutritional counseling is also available.


Adult Cat Wellness Care

Adult Cat Wellness Care. We are devoted to your cat’s health. Starting with regular and comprehensive physical examinations, our doctors check for early health problems and discuss your concerns about your cat. Because we are committed to giving your cat only the treatments and medicines your pet truly needs, we check your adult cat’s immunity against viral diseases prior to vaccinating for those diseases. Based on the examination, we’ll determine what vaccines, tests, and treatments are appropriate to best ensure your cat’s ongoing health.


Cat Illness and Injury

Illness and Injury. Even indoor cats on the Upper East Side fall ill and get injured. Know that no matter how your cat is suffering, we’re here for you. Count on our top medical team to get you through with care and compassion.

  • Diagnostic Care. We take our equipment as seriously as we take our medicine. That means University Animal Hospital is able to offer a full range of resources, laboratory, digital radiography, ultrasound, and endoscopy, for accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment of your cat’s health issue.
  • Surgical Care. With two surgical specialists on staff and a state-of-the-art sterile surgical suite, University Animal Hospital sets the standard for surgical care. Whether your cat requires abdominal surgery, orthopedic repair, or a mass removal, our goal is a safe, effective, and fast resolution to your cat’s problem.
  • Dental Care. Have you looked at your cat’s teeth lately? That’s okay, we’ll do it for you. Dental examinations are an important piece of our health care plan for your cat. As cats age, they are prone to tartar buildup, gingivitis, and erosive dental conditions. Because we know how important dental care is to your cat’s overall health, we evaluate your cat’s teeth with digital radiography and complete any necessary dental work.
  • Healing and Pain Management. University Animal Hospital goes beyond medication for pain management. We use all the tools at our disposal to minimize inflammation and pain for your cat, including our cutting-edge class IV Companion therapy laser unit for non-invasive reduction of pain and inflammation. Contact us to learn more about state-of-the-art treatment for pain and healing.

Senior Cat Care

Senior Cat Care. Well cared for indoor cats have the potential to live an extended period of time. Let us help you make the most of those years, managing the health and behavioral problems that arise along the way. As your cat ages, we increase the frequency of comprehensive examinations and diagnostic testing. Early detection of chronic illnesses and behavioral issues is important to optimal management. We will always be your partner in making your cat’s senior years as comfortable and healthy as possible.

University Animal Hospital is your premiere Manhattan cat hospital. Call today to see what our exceptional staff and facility can offer you.