Manhattan NYC Pet Wellness Care

Pet Wellness upper east side nyc To help us provide superior Manttan pet wellness care, our Upper East Side veterinary office is equipped with a number of diagnostic tools such as blood analyzers, heart monitoring devices and state-of-the-art dental and standard radiograph machines. University Animal Hospital works closely with a number of veterinary specialists to provide on-site consultations and services should your pet require specialized treatments or procedures.

Preventative Pet Care in NYC

We offer comprehensive physical exams to evaluate the overall health of your pet along with an agreed upon NYC pet vaccination plan to help your pet stay healthy and free of potential health hazards.

Before your pet's first visit with us, please download and print out our

Manhattan Cat/Dog Vaccinations

manhattan pet wellness services A consistent immunization program helps guard your pet against contagious and preventable diseases and viruses. Let us help you determine which pet vaccines are right for your pet and form a plan for protection.

Vaccinating your pet is a simple procedure that is safe and effective. Many diseases that were once considered fatal to pets are now preventable through the use of modern vaccines. A consistent immunization program, tailored specifically for your pet and based on the American Veterinary Medical Association's guidelines, will guard your pet against contagious and preventable diseases.

At University Animal Hospital, we realize that not every pet requires the same vaccinations. We offer a unique pet vaccination schedule for your pet based on his or her individual needs and unique lifestyle. Pets that have received vaccines consistently for three or more years may be good candidates for titer testing. In order to avoid over-vaccinating adult dogs, we recommend titer testing. A blood sample from your dog can detect the presence and strength of his or her immunological response to a viral disease. Satisfactory levels of an antibody are considered sufficient to show that your dog is not in need of further vaccination against the disease at the time. Upon review of your titer levels, if a doctor determines your pet needs a vaccination, we will do it free of charge.

Puppy and Kitten Care - Adding a new member to your family can often be an overwhelming experience. The Manhattan veterinarians at University Animal Hospital are experienced in veterinary pediatric care and can help you make the adjustment without the anxiety.

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